Auxilium Software is a hosted case management, referral management and client portal system for 3rd sector and public sector organisations.

Auxilium goes beyond simply importing data from existing systems, instead enabling reciprocal, decentralised communication. Instead of pushing and pulling updates from individual connections, the software shares the most recent data across all connected systems. Our solution provides a convenient, secure place to access data across institutional boundaries.

The design principals behind Auxilium support the unique needs of the individual, and allow staff from disparate organisations secure access to data and referral pathways both inside and outside the Auxilium network.


Auxilium was originally built to meet the needs of Veterans Legal Link, a charitable project within Aberystwyth University. This was developed with the help of the National Lottery Community Fund, with the intent to help us scale our service to the whole of Wales, and then further across the UK.

Compliance and Technical Features

The portal allows veterans to access and upload documents relevant to their care, and to delegate access to third party organisations and charities. It also allows veterans to update their personal details at any time and have this change broadcast across connected systems. Data is automatically sent to partnered systems as soon as consent is granted. The portal allows staff to centrally manage all data relating to a case by creating a hub for data, documents and emails. Auxilium handles synchronising this data with external systems and pulling changes back when needed.

The portal follows industry standard accessibility and cross-platform compatibility guidelines to be as accessible as possible. We provide an alternative high-contrast colour-scheme, and large text versions of the portal. All our design choices, from font to colour-scheme, are made to comply with industry standard web accessibility guidelines such as the W3C WCAG AA standard.